Real Deal Retriever Training


Real Deal Retriever Training™ Videos – Professional Results for Duck Hunters

Product Description

Puppy development is the first and most important step in molding the willing, blood-in-his-eye hunting partner every hunter needs in his duck blind.

Nationally known professional retriever trainer John Amico and his wife Beth Ann, an award-winning gun dog writer, have combined their talents to produce the most comprehensive curriculum of hunting retriever puppy training techniques for duck hunters on the market. No fluff, no gimmicks – it’s the Real Deal!

Choosing Your Pup

Not all Labradors are Labrador Retrievers. In this DVD, Amico shares the four tests professionals use to pick gun dog puppies. You’ll be ready to pick your own winner after watching pups pass (and fail) these tests.

What Every Gun Dog Pup Needs to Know

Other puppy training videos demonstrate their techniques with grown dogs. Our Real Deal Retriever Training video shows puppies in age-appropriate situations actually learning fundamental hunting skills so that the viewer gains a more complete understanding of the how’s and why’s of puppy development

  • Constructive fetch games to amplify your pup’s instinct to chase and capture game
  • Working words
  • Take to water like a duck and relish the sound of gunfire
  • Conceptual drills with birdboys to develop accurate marking on land and water
  • Primary skills for blind retrieves
  • Hand and whistle signals
  • Points of contact